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Charter School Overview

What is a Charter School?

A charter school is a public school of choice designed to offer an innovative or alternative approach to education. Charter schools are established under a charter, authorized by a local school district or the Idaho Charter School Commission. The “charter” outlines the metrics a charter school is required to meet including its mission, educational approach, student achievement performance goals and financial accountability metrics. Charter schools are given greater flexibility in the operation of their schools, but unlike traditional public schools, they are assessed annually to determine if they are successfully meeting the requirements of their charter in order to ensure the continued operation of the school.

Charter schools are governed by a Board of Directors which is responsible for the policy and financial oversight of the school.

Charter schools receive the same state and federal dollars that district schools receive. This funding is determined by Idaho Legislature. However, public charter schools do not receive any property tax, bond or levy funding. As a result of this most charter schools fundraise to make up the gap in funding.

Who is Hayden Canyon Charter?

Hayden Canyon Charter’s (HCC) founders know that not all students learn the same. A desire to provide students with engaging hands-on, personally relevant learning opportunities led them to build a school based on the principles and practices of project based lkearning. Students learn best by doing, and Hayden Canyon Charter’s curriculum is designed to engage students in collaborative and innovative methods of discovery, problem solving, and real-world applicatino of the skills and knowledge gained.

What is CREW?

CREW stands for Citizenship, Resilience, Exploration and Workmanship. At Hayden Canyon Charter, Crew is a place where character education, adventure, and team building are intentional, assuring success for all students. It’s a structure that fosters a sense of belonging within their environment, and a place where they can be their best selves while lifting up their peers to achieve more than they think possible. By having a CREW culture, HCC ensures every student is know well by at least one adult who serves as an advocate for the student’s achievement and progress.

CREW is always two things:

  1. It is a structure. A group of students who meet together to support and encourage each other in school and life.
  2. It is a spirit, a way of being. To be “CREW” means to pitch in to help each other, to step up and take responsiblity for the well-being of everyone around you.

“Crew means pulling together, thinking together, and supporting each other to do things bigger and better than we all thought possible.”

“We are Crew, Not Passengers.”