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4th Grade

Expedition 1: Our Land

This module uses literature and informational text to introduce students to what inspires people to write. It is intentionally designed to encourage students to embrace a love of literacy and writing.

Guiding Questions & Big Ideas:

  • What makes a poem a poem?
    • Poetry has characteristics that are unique and distinct from prose.
  • What inspires writers to write poetry?
    • Writers draw inspiration from many places, including the work of other writers and their own lives.

Expedition 2: Animal Defense Mechanisms

Students explore animal defense mechanisms. They build proficiency in writing an informative piece, examining the defense mechanisms of one specific animal about which they build expertise. Students also build proficiency in writing a narrative piece about this animal.
Guiding Questions & Big Ideas:

  • How do animals’ bodies and behaviors help them survive?
    • To protect themselves from predators, animals use different defense mechanisms.
  • How can writers use knowledge from their research to inform and entertain?
    • Writers use scientific knowledge and research to inform and entertain.

Math Units:

  • Term 1:
    • Addition/Subtraction/Estimating
    • Addition/Subtraction Algebra Skills
    • Multiplication/Division Basics
    • Multiplicaton/Division Algebra Skills
  • Term 2:
    • Multiplication by one-digit
    • Geometry
    • Measurement and Data
  • Term 3:
    • Fractions
    • Relating Fractions and Decimals
    • Double-digit multiplication
    • Dividing larger numbers
    • Place Value