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6th Grade

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Expedition 1: Horsepower

Students will study how the start of the 20th century brought about significant changes in politics, transportation, and relations with other countries around the world. They will consider how humans and animals adapted to these alterations, while making significant sacrifices in the name of progress. While reading the classic novel, War Horse, students will take a deep dive into specifically studying natural and artificial horse adaptations and breeding through hands-on learning and relevant fieldwork.

Long Term Targets:

  • I can write an argumentative essay defending and strongly supporting an opinion with facts and evidence (Ford Quote explanation, Aviator Award Goes to…, Dicken Medal Winner Essay.
  • I can compose an original work of poetry to honor a veteran’s sacrifice.
  • I can explain how horses were used as a means of transportation during WW1, and how they, as well as millions of soldiers, sacrificed for others.

Expedition 2: Crack the Code

In this module, students will be encouraged to ask questions, consider evidence, and form theories as they read the highly acclaimed novel, Code Talkers. They will sharpen their detective skills while considering the causes of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, and will investigate how the social, political, and historical impacts of the era lead America into a second World War. Finally, like any good mystery novel, the module will conclude with lessons learned, resilience demonstrated, and hope restored for a brighter future.

Long Term Targets:

  • I can write a narrative story that demonstrates resilience.
  • I can explain how hope came from many of the hardships that occurred in the mid-twentieth century.

Math Modules:

  • Module 1: Operations and understandings with rational numbers
  • Module 2: Exploring integers
  • Module 3: Ratio understanding and application
  • Module 4: Geometry
  • Module 5: Equations and expressions
  • Module 6: Statistics and probability

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