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Half Day Kindergarten


HCC will work with EL Education’s award winning English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum for grades K-5. Kindergarten ELA is driven primarily by Science Themes in 4 modules, which also address Social Studies themes such as community, sharing, helping, showing kindness.

  • Module 1: Toys and Simple Machines
  • Module 2: Weather Wonders
  • Module 3: Trees are Alive
  • Module 4: Life Cycles

Math: Singapore Math, Engage NY (TBD) and/or supports

  • Module 1: Numbers to 10
  • Module 2: 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional shapes
  • Module 3: Comparison of Length, Weight, Capacity (Volume), and Numbers to 10
  • Module 4: Number Pairs, Addition and Subtraction to 10
  • Module 5: Numbers 10-20 and Counting to 100

Full Day Kindergarten

We are proud to offer full day Kindergarten for a tuition based fee of $250 per month.

For more information on full day Kindergarten curriculum, please click here.

Our Mission: Achieving breakthroughs in academic excellence and character development by inspiring passion for inquiry and lifelong learning – utilizing hands-on discovery, real world application, collaboration and community; preparing each student for engagement in productive, thoughtful citizenship.