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Weather Related Closures

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Weather Related School Closure Procedure

The decision to keep schools open or to close them during winter weather conditions is not an easy one, however the prevailing factor in these decisions is the well-being of our students, their families and staff. Because these situations often occur with little forewarning, it is a good idea to have plans made in advance as to what childcare arrangements are needed, and how to adjust if schools are closed due to inclement weather.
Notification procedures are as follows:
Hayden Canyon Charter will close for snow when Lakeland School District closes for snow, or at the discretion of the Director. When you hear that Lakeland School Districts have announced that they will be closed due to snow, know that Hayden Canyon Charter will also be closed. We will also send out text messages or emails notifying you of the closure by 5:30 AM. We only announce when we have a closure or delayed start, we do not issue messages if we are open as scheduled.
Please keep in mind that all of us will need to get an early start on snow days when there is not a closure in order to arrive on time.

Outdoor Recess/Hikes and Cold Weather

Is it too cold?

When there are single digit temperatures at the school (including windchill factor), outdoor recess and hikes will be canceled.
Temperatures are calculated using the NWS Windchill Chart below. Additionally, our Education Director has the discretion to cancel outdoor recess and/or hikes for any weather concerns.

We urge parents to help all school staff ensure children are properly attired. Winter gear includes coats, gloves, hats, scarves, appropriate footwear and snow pants.

Any families who need help providing winter gear for their students should contact our school counselor, Scott Sanford, at (208) 477-1812.

Windchill Chart