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Academics at Hayden Canyon Charter

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The core academic curriculum will align with the Idaho State Standards and include English language arts (ELA), mathematics, science, social studies, and health and wellness, with a special emphasis on the arts and arts education. Taught in thematic arcs emphasizing student driven projects, the curriculum reflects HCC’s unique mission through authentic experiences, and community opportunities. In addition to the core subjects outlined above, HCC will include enrichment and learning expeditions encompassing areas from the arts to the sciences. Expeditions will include focuses such as: the performing arts, fine arts, music, filmmaking; technology use, coding, design; environmental sciences; energy technologies; engineering solutions; aviation science; wellness and fitness; recreation (especially related to the outdoors); and introduction to basic business and entrepreneurial skills.

Expeditions, investigations and projects are designed to have a positive and tangible impact on the community at large as much as on the school-wide community, and service learning is emphasized within every grade level. Further, community engagement is fostered through partnerships with professional experts in all fields and disciplines relevant to the curriculum. The unique structure of the school learning model allows for professional partnering with university faculty, and experts from agencies, government, corporations, businesses, industries, and the arts. HCC will provide opportunities for students, beginning at an early age, to explore and discover their unique interests, gifts and abilities, and develop a life-long love of learning.

Three Dimensions of Student Achievement

At Hayden Canyon Charter we believe that when a student is done with school and enters adult life, he/she will be judged for the rest of his/her life not by his/her performance on tests of basic skills, but by the quality of his/her work and the quality of his/her character. This is why our vision of student achievement has three dimensions: Mastery of Academic Skills and Content, High-Quality Work, and Character based off of the EL Education model. 

Master of Academic Skills: 

  • Demonstrate proficiency and deeper understanding: Students show mastery in a body of knowledge and skills within each discipline
  • Apply their learning: Students transfer knowledge and skills to novel, meaningful tasks
  • Think critically: Students analyze, evaluate, and synthesize complex ideas and consider multiple perspectives
  • Communicate clearly: Students write, speak, and present ideas effectively in a variety of media within and across disciplines


  • Citizenship: Being a helpful, engaged member of a community (Class/Crew, HCC, My Community, America)
  • Resilience: Facing and working through difficulties with a positive attitude
  • Exploration: Seeking answers through discovery, questioning, and investigation.
  • Workmanship: Putting forth excellent effort that produces high-quality work (as defined below).

High Quality Work: 

  • Create complex work: Students demonstrate higher-order thinking, multiple perspectives and transfer of understanding
  • Demonstrate craftsmanship: Students create work that is accurate and beautiful in conception and execution
  • Create authentic work: Students demonstrate original thinking and voice, connect to real-world issues and formats, and when possible, create work that is meaningful to the community beyond the school

Our Mission: Achieving breakthroughs in academic excellence and character development by inspiring passion for inquiry and lifelong learning – utilizing hands-on discovery, real world application, collaboration and community; preparing each student for engagement in productive, thoughtful citizenship.