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Motions Passed on May 20 Concerning our Relations with Lakeland School Board

On Monday, May 20 at our regular board meeting the Hayden Canyon Charter school board passed 3 motions for Lakeland school district’s consideration. These motions must also be approved by Lakeland in order for them to be valid:

  1. Motion to request Lakeland to approve transfer to PCSC
  2. Motion to request from Lakeland School District that portables be moved to July 1 with inspections moved to July 15
  3. Motion to request Lakeland to amend Performance Certificate primary zone attendance boundaries as what they were originally as they will be sent to Lakeland in anticipation of the transfer to PCSC

A request was sent directly to their board chair Rena Olmsted and their clerk Krissy Williams on Tuesday, May 21; five days before the deadline necessary to be on their next board meeting agenda. Their next board meeting is on May 28 at which time they should vote on these amendments. Following is an explanation of reasons for each amendment as stated in our last board meeting:

  1. In our joint “working” meeting on April 22 with Lakeland, Lakeland board members mentioned their desire to no longer be our authorizers and agreed to vote on our request to transfer the petition to PCSC. Our request was not on their May 14th agenda, so we voted again to request that they approve the transfer to PCSC.
  2. Because of the excessive cost of having empty portables on site for a month longer than necessary, we requested that they amend the certificate to allow portables to be placed on July 1 and inspected on July 15. While we will have portables available to be placed on June 1 as the certificate currently requires, we will not have access to the land nor will we have the infrastructure ready by the June 15 due date without the approval of the town of Hayden. The hearing for the town zoning board was held on May 21 they voted to discuss the developer’s requested amendments on June 5 before making a recommendation to the city of Hayden.
  3. In our joint “working” meeting on April 22 with Lakeland, Lakeland expressed a desire that our primary attendance zone be set back to their original boundaries for our transfer to PCSC.

History about the primary attendance zone boundaries: when Lakeland school chose to be our authorizer, they requested that we change the primary attendance zone boundaries to be more favorable to Lakeland school students. We reworked the boundaries as requested and they agreed to those changes when they signed the petition.