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Our School

Governance Structure

HCC will be a legally and operationally independent entity, established by the nonprofit corporation’s Board of Directors. The elected and appointed Board Directors will be legally accountable for the operation of the charter school. HCC commits to adhering to all federal and state laws and rules and acknowledges its responsibility for identifying essential laws and regulations and complying with them. This includes Idaho’s Open Meeting and Public Records laws. The policies and procedures of the Board will be directed to the administration for implementation.

The governance of HCC is vested exclusively in the BOD and not with the originators of the charter. The BOD has successfully recruited new members and expanded its numbers ensuring that ‘founders syndrome’ will not occur. To date, only one member of the original BOD remains on the Board. Many of the past BOD remain on the BOA and provide information and insight while allowing the BOD full authority to provide changes needed or desired

The BOD will make every attempt to include a balance of skills and vocations on the Board as new members are determined with e procedures set forth in the By-Laws. Desired skills and vocations include, but are not limited to, legal expertise: financial/accounting expertise; education expertise including administration, instruction, and special education; and business operations expertise. From the Board membership and Board of Advisors, the BOD will organize a committee to evaluate current Board needs and recruit individuals with individuals with talents in those areas to apply to fill vacancies on the BOD. Communications of Board needs will also be provided to the parent-teacher organization (PTO) who will be encouraged to provide the BOD changes that the PTO believes will be in the best interests of HCC.

Our Mission: Achieving breakthroughs in academic excellence and character development by inspiring passion for inquiry and lifelong learning – utilizing hands-on discovery, real world application, collaboration and community; preparing each student for engagement in productive, thoughtful citizenship.