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Due to a legal matter that was pointed out by our legal council on the board of directors pertaining to a land contract issue, we have been made aware of a concern that would affect our ability to remain a Charter school long term.

We have been advised how to correct the issue, but will need to delay opening until 2019. This is great news for the long term viability of our great school but is uncomfortable news to share. We would much rather be a charter school for 500 years than just 5 years.

We were so excited to open in 2018 and were ready to have your kids learning the expeditionary way with our amazing educators. We are sorry this matter has caused an opening delay, and we love that you are so supportive of us making this the best expeditionary charter school in North Idaho for many years to come.

Please direct any questions to the board at and we will compile these to add to our FAQ section.