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We Are Crew

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“We are crew, not passengers.”

What is Crew?

Crew is a place where character education, adventure, and team building are intentional, assuring success for all students. It’s a structure that fosters a sense of belonging within students, and a place where they can be their best selves while lifting up their peers to achieve more than they think possible. Hayden Canyon Charter is planned for, developed, and sustained through practices that bring the community together, promote shared understandings, and encourage all community members to become crew, not passengers. By having a crew culture, HCC ensures that every student is known well by at least one adult who serves as an advocate for the student’s academic and social achievement and progress.

Crew is always two things:

  1. It is a structure. A group of students who meet together to support and push each other in school, and life.
  2. It is a spirit, a way of being. To be “Crew” means to pitch in to help each other, to step up and take responsibility for everyone’s well-being around you.

“Crew means pulling together, thinking together and supporting each other to do things bigger and better than we all thought possible.”

Our Mission: Achieving breakthroughs in academic excellence and character development by inspiring passion for inquiry and lifelong learning – utilizing hands-on discovery, real world application, collaboration and community; preparing each student for engagement in productive, thoughtful citizenship.