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Give to Hayden Canyon Charter

Ways to Give to Hayden Canyon Charter

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Our Mission: Achieving breakthroughs in academic excellence and character development by inspiring passion for inquiry and lifelong learning – utilizing hands-on discovery, real world application, collaboration and community; preparing each student for engagement in productive, thoughtful citizenship.

Alumni Testimonials

  • “We came to your planning meeting at the church by Hayden canyon two years ago or so. I was blown away and have been waiting anxiously to see this become a reality!!!!”

    Shannon L.
  • “In addressing more learning styles of children, this program will allow more success of their peers, thus more involvement and participation by each student = less disruptive behavior by disengaged classmates.”

    Kristina W.
  • “Both my children love nature and science. They learn best hands on.”

    Kelcie H.
  • “We live right down the road on Lancaster and I would love to volunteer my time at my daughter’s school!”

    Krystal I.
  • “THANK YOU for opening this school! It sounds like everything I want for my kids!!! Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you get started!!!”

    Kristi E.
  • “This looks awesome! Can’t wait to hear more!”

    Kristen J.
  • “I am excited about an opportunity for my daughter to grow in areas that aren’t often viewed as valuable in the traditional school system.”

    Sarah B.
  • “We are very excited that this type of learning environment may become available to [our son]!”

    Jessica B.